Custom home theaters

Why contend with a crowded movie theater, when you can enjoy a movie in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Today, state of the art home theaters are a must for smart homeowners.

A cinema in your home

Everyone needs an escape; a place to get away. Your home theater is that place. With the touch of a single button the lights dim, the projector comes to life, and the sound begins to fill the room like magic. Maybe you're in the mood to play the latest video game, check on your team, or catch up on your favorite NetFlix series. The choice is yours.
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Introducing Dolby Atmos

Unlike traditional home theater systems, that assign audio to specific channels (left, right); Dolby Atmos attaches sound to objects on the screen. This means Dolby Atmos can deliver sound from every angle, including above your head. Dolby Atmos puts you in the center of the action, from any seat in the room.
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Media room design

Choosing the perfect media room starts with selecting the space. Whether you're modifying an existing room or building a new home, Sound Advice will work with you to design the space and enhance the beauty, value and functionality.
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Control without limits

With a customizable LCD touchscreen and fully programmable hard buttons, your universal remote will assure intuitive and personalized control of every media room component. And while it starts in the media room, it has the power to scale throughout the home. The result is an elevated control experience: smart, sleek and simple to use.



4K in a projector

Experience the rich colours of 4K in the comfort of your own home. You'll enjoy the breathtaking clarity, outstanding lumens, brightness and a deep contrast ratio for detailed pictures; that always look clear and sharp- even in day lit rooms.

Get started

Sound Advice is committed to providing a premier home theater experience. Like all projects at Sound Advice, it starts with design and engineering. Our technicians specialize in custom design and integrated solutions to provide a system that meets our clients' demands.